Family Name: Lauracea
English Name :Cinnamon

Sanskrit:Gundatvak, Chonch, Twak,
Utkat, Darusita

Hindi: Dal Chini

Gujarati Taj, Bael, Balchi

Marathi:Dalchini, Puharchak

Bengali: Daruchini, Poi


Telugu: Lanvan Vakl

Kannada: Lavang Patte

Persian: Darchini

Arabic: Darsini , Kiphra

Cinnamomun is found in Himalayan region, Ceylon and Malaya. Based on the countries of origin, it is categorized into three forms:


1.Cinnamomum cassia. It comes from China and its bark is thick.

  1. Cinnamomun sp. It is imported in India from Sri Lanka. It is thinner than that found in China, sweeter and
    less bitter. For medicinal purposes, cinnamon from Sinhal islands is the best.

3.Cinnamomum tamal. It is thick, less bitter and when grinded with water, it becomes sticky. Its leaves are known as tejpat. This variety found in India and China is called Taj. Taj does not have oil and only the bark is used. Cinnamon is used as a common spice in cooking.


Its ever green tree is 20-25 ft tall. Its leaves are frontal, leathery, 4-7 inch long and the upper part is shiny with 3-5 veins. When crushed, leaves release a pungent odour. The taste of leaves is bitter.
Flowers are long, and grow in bunches. They also have a pungent smell.

Chemical Composition

Bark contains 1/2% to 1% oil which contains cinnamuldihide and eugenol. The oil is yellow when fresh and then changes to red when kept for some time.
The leaves produce an oil which includes salts of Eugenol.
The seeds also contain 33% of oil.
The roots contain a colourless oil which smells like camphor.

Medicinal Use

  1. Soak a piece of cotton in cinnamon oil and apply on the aching tooth.
  2. Use its 5-6 leaves to brush the teeth. It cleans the teeth& the teeth become shiny, white.

Tooth pain:

Influenza: Take 3 ½ gm cinnamon, 600 mg cloves, 2 gm ginger root. Boil them in 1 litre water till water is reduced to 250 ml. Strain the solution. Give 50 ml of this solution thrice a day. It cures influenza fever.

Deafness: Put 2 drops of cinnamon oil in ears. It cures the deafness.

Cough: Give I teaspoonful cinnamon powder with 2 teaspoonful honey every morning and evening. It cures cough.

Cough, chronic rhinitis:
Give ¼ teaspoonful cinnamon powder with 1 teaspoonful slightly warm honey three times a day. It cures cough.


  1. Apply paste of 8-10 leaves of cinnamon on forehead. It gives relief in headache due to excessive cold .
    After patient gets the relief, wash off the paste.

2 .Apply cinnamon oil on forehead. It cures headache paste due to cold.
3.Prepare paste of cinnamon and apply on forehead,
It cures headache due to cold.

Take 10-20 gm cinnamon powder and 20- 30 gm honey and form a paste.
Use this paste to massage.

Along with the massage, give 1 cup warm water with 1 teaspoonful honey and 50mg cinnamon powder mixed in it, thrice a day to the patient.

Give 2 teaspoonful honey and 1/4teaspoonful times a day. cinnamon powder with 1 cup water, thrice a day.
It reduces the cholesterol level.

Therefore, it should not be taken without consulting with a doctor.
Dalchini should be taken under the supervision of your Ayurvedic doctor.