Family Name: Convolvulaceae

English Name :Shankh Pushpi

Sanskrit :Shankhavha, shankhMalin

Hindi:Shankahuli,Shankhapushpi Gujrati:Shankhavali, Sankhavali

Marathi : Sankhvel

Bengali :Shankahuli


It is grass-like plants are found in the rocky areas during rainy season. In some areas, it is found throughout the year .It is a perennial plant.

Two other species Evolvulus alsinoides and Canscora decussata are also used as Shankhpuspi Convolvulus microphyllus is described here as it has more medicinal value.



From the wooden root base, 4-12 inch long, hairy branches grow out which then spread all over the ground and grass Leaves are ½ to 1½ inch long, broad at the base and taper towards up. When crushed, they smell like radish leaves.

Flowers are white or dull white or dark pink and round like fennel.

Fruit is brown in colour, small, oily and shiny It contains 4 seeds which are brown or black in colour. Complete plant has violet or brown coloured hairs all over it.

Chemical Composition

It contains alkaloid – shankhpushpin and two Crystalloids.


It is astringent, cold potency, unctuous, sticky and bitter. It promotes intellect and cures epilepsy like mental problems. It is beneficial for memory, skin glow and physical strength. It is anthelmintic and antitoxic.

Useful parts: Flowers, fruits, seeds, roots- whole plant.

Medicinal usage:

1. Give 3-6 gm of its powder with sugar and milk every morning.

2. It improves memory power. It also cures the fatigue due to constant study.

3. Give 2-4 gm of its powder with 1 gm powder of bach to children regularly. It makes the child very intelligent, sharp and bright.

4. In the old age, take 10-20 mg of its juice every morning or give 2-4 gm of its powder with honey, ghee and sugar, every morning for 6 months. It smoothens the wrinkles on the skin and promotes physical strength, memory power and intelligence.

5. Give 3-6 gm of its powder with honey followed by milk. It promotes intelligence.


1. Give 2 gm of its juice with honey to the patient, every morning and evening. It is beneficial in epilepsy.

2. Take 10-20 gm of its juice with 500 mg of kooth powder. Give this to the patient with honey. It cures psychosis epilepsy.

3. Give 10-20 gm of its juice with honey. It is beneficial in all types of psychosis, insanity.


Take 1 gm Shankhpushpi 250 mg khurasani ajowan. Give this to the patient with warm water. It cures headache within 5 minutes.


Take 2-teaspoonful juice of its whole plant and add a pinch of black pepper powder in it. Give this to the patient with honey, repeatedly. It controls vomiting.


In children, who wet the bed at night; mix 2 gm powder of Shankhpushpi and 1 gm sesame in milk and give this to the child, before going to bed.


1. Give 6 gm of its powder with cow’s butter or water to the patient, every morning and evening. It is beneficial in diabetes.

2. To cure the weakness due to diabetes, give 2-4 gm powder of Shankhpushpi or its 10-20 mg juice to the patient.

Sun stroke:

When the patient becomes unconscious during fever and starts howling, at that time to help the patient sleep, give 5-10 gm churna with honey.

Bleeding: Give 10-20 mg juice with honey It immediatelystops the bleeding.

Hypertension: Give its 10-20 mg fresh juice, every morning, afternoon and evening to the patient.

Within a few days, it cures problem of high blood pressure permanently.