Bhumi Amla helps in managing liver disorders and reverses any damage caused to the liver due to its hepatoprotective, antioxidant and antiviral activities.

It also helps to prevent ulcers by reducing gastric acid production as well as protecting the stomach lining against damage caused by excessive gastric acid.

Family name Eubhorbiaceae

Sanskrit :Bhudhatri, Tamalki, Bahuphala

Hindi :Bhui Amla, Bhom Aawali

Marathi : Bhui Aanwali

Bengali : Bhui Aanwala

Punjabi : Patal, Aamla

Kannada : Kirunnelli

Telugu: Nailvusari


This annual herb grows in the rainy season, bears flowers and fruits in winter, and then dries and dies in summer. It is found all over India. Its fruits are round but very small and for this reason they are called Bhudbatri


The plants have very soft stem that are straight, reddish and slightly split.The branches look like spread feathers. The leaves are arranged alternately on the branches and are quarter to half inch long, dense, oblong with rounded tips. They are faded greay on the lower side of the surface. The flowers are single and grow from the junction of the leaves and the branches.

The fruits are round like those of dhati and grow in rows below the branches .

Chemical Composition

One leaves contain bitter chemicals known as hypo Phyllanthine.


It is light, dry, coil, bitter, pungent and a little sweet. It cures cough and thirst, pit, and blood disorders, itching, and wounds.

This is a Magical herb for curing all types of liver disorders.

Medicinal Usage

Mouth problems

Prepare cold decoction of 50 gm leaves in 200 ml water. and use this to gargle. It cures mouth problems.

Swelling of breasts: Apply paste of its whole plant.

Bronchitis and bronchial asthma:

  1. Boil 50 gm of the entire plant in 1/2 litre water till it is reduced to 1/4″.
  2. Give this to the patient in quantities of 1 teaspoonful, twice a day.
  3. It is beneficial for curing cough and bronchitis

Grind 10 gm of its root and give it with 250 ml milk every morning and evening, on empty stomach.

Abdominal pain:
Boil 20 gm leaves in 200 ml water. Strain solution and give in little amounts. It cures abdominal pain & diarrhoea.

Chronic diarrhoea:
Boil its 50 gm whole plant in 400 mil water till 1/4 water is left.

Add 5 gm fenugreek seeds in it.

Give little amount of the solution to the patient.

Give 15 gm whole plant powder with 20 black peppers 2-3 times a day.

It cures even chronic diabetes.
Give 5 gm powder of its seeds with water in which nice has been washed, for 2-3 days. It cures excessive blood flow in menstrual cycle.
Also, its root’s powder can be given in a similar manner.
Liver related disorders:
Grind solid the shade dried fruit and take 10 gm of the grinded mixture in an earthen pot and boil it with 400 ml water till water is reduced to 1/4″.
Strain the solution and give this to the patient in the morning on empty stomach and in the evening, one hour before meal.
It cures liver disorders, jaundice, swelling and ulcer etc.

Therefore, it should not be taken without consulting with a doctor.
Dalchini should be taken under the supervision of your Ayurvedic doctor.